Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Five down, one to go.

The time has come where I'm down to my last week of treatment before my month break! Even though it's my first round, my doctors have said this will be the most intense and hardest one. Right now, I'm taking chemo everyday and going in for radiation Monday-Friday but after this I'm done with radiation for good! When I start again, I will only have a 5 day cycle of chemo each month {for a 6 month period}. As happy as I am to almost be done with radiation, I will admit, I'm going to miss my team of doctors involved. They are not only people I see everyday, but people that I have really connected with and enjoy being around. I'm definitely going to miss them. So here we are, a week from today and I won't be going in for radiation or taking my chemo that night. Time flies when you're having fun, right? ;) 
I'm not saying that this is something I recommend, BUT, I definitely took advantage of it and I would love to share my experience and ideas with others. Hopefully it can help! The last couple weeks have been hard to do stuff and even get out of the house. People close to me know how determined I am and how it takes a lot for me to not get things accomplished. So I found a way to get things done and keep me busy {but still not too much, so I don't overdue it}. Each week I write a list of things to do and tasks to get gone. Most of it is things around the house but others include getting out, especially if it's a nice day. I write down things to do Mon-Fri {not weekends} if I don't get it done on the day I planned then my next goal is to finish it by the end of the week. That way I don't overdo it, and still have time to meet my goals. Also, when I'm feeling better than useful I will get ahead and finish more goals I have for the week. So far I've been able to finish all my goals each week and it has made me feel so accomplished. I'll post a couple of pictures of things that I've done. Not everything is cute and fun to see. A lot has been touching up paint around the house, marks on our hardwood floors, redoing cabinets and things in the kitchen {and so on}. But here are some of the more exciting things I've done over the past couple of weeks during my down time after treatment.

Aside from doing stuff around the house I always try and get myself out on the weekends. Those are the days I don't have radiation so my body has a little more energy. This past weekend I was able to spend my Saturday at the beach with my aunty. We always have a great time together. I'm a lucky girl to have her in my life! Sunday was spent with my good friend Amanda and her beautiful baby girl. We decided to take a mini road trip up to St. Helens, OR where she spent her High School years. It was fun to hear all about those great times and see a place in Oregon I had never been to. Although, I'm definitely familiar with different spots there from the movies I love. So, of course, she showed me a bunch of cool areas where the movies were filmed. "Twilight," a very popular movie did a lot of filming there. We got to see where the main actress {Bella} lived, the high school they filmed at and even other spots where filming took place. I also got to see some spots that "Halloweentown" was filmed. Yes, the disney classic from years back! I couldn't have been more excited.



  1. Hi Ashely, it's Katelyn's mom Lorie, I just wanted to say your pics are so cute and I love your cactus garden :) I keep praying for your health! Lorie

  2. You are a Class Act! The world needs more courageous, kind, loving people like you! Keep up the good work, you inspire so many!



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