Monday, April 13, 2015

So much love.

The past week has been physically hard on my body and I haven't been able to do that much. However, emotionally, the positives out weighed the negatives which made everything much more manageable. My time has come where I had to say goodbye to my hair. Not all of it, just portions throughout my head where the radiation occurs. It's very sensitive and I can't do much with what is left, so yes, I'm going wig shopping this week {Any suggestions on type, color or places to go?}. On a positive side to things, it really touched my heart when I got in touch with a friend from college that I haven't talked to in years. She has medical problems herself and has lost her own hair. Since not many people my age go through stuff like this it felt good to just talk to her and hear what she had to say. She really reached out and helped more than she knows, so I just want to tell her thank you again. Along with hair loss, my head has started to become pretty sore from the radiation. I wish I could explain the feeling I have, but I honestly don't even know how to. It's nothing like I've ever felt before. On another note, my headaches are about the same along with my joint pain. Lastly, my fatigue has gotten a little worse, but not that much. Simple things are harder than normal, and I've even had to turn down a couple shopping trips. Which I never did in the past ;). 

Now, on to a much better topic and the exciting things that have happened this week! To start,  I received a care package in the mail from Fighting Pretty. This is an amazing non-profit organization that reaches out to woman fighting battles like mine. All of this came together from a great guy I knew from college. He met the woman involved in the organization and said I immediately came to mind. He then told her my story and got everything set up to send me a Fighting Pretty package. I can't thank him enough for thinking of me and getting me involved with this special organization. 
Just a day later we got another knock at the door that we weren't expecting. It took me a minute to realize who it was, it happened to be a guy I went to high school with and haven't seen in years. His wife has gone through treatment and a cancer battle herself, so they know what it feels like to go through everything. They gave us the sweetest basket full of things that are perfect for what is going on right now. Even a bottle of wine to celebrate with after everything is over! 
Lastly, my friend since preschool, yes PRESCHOOL, came to visit with her husband yesterday. She was the first good friend I met at school and we still are in touch today. She was able to watch me get married and I was able to be there at her wedding. We have gone through so much together and are still in each others lives today. She brought me my favorite flowers and tea that was in a bag with my favorite print on it {chevron print}. Despite everything that happens in life it's good to know that there will always be a certain few that never leave your side.

All of the people that have reached out to me have made such a difference and brought in so much love. I can't thank them enough and just know that my family and I appreciate it more than you know. So thank you again!

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