Friday, April 3, 2015


Yes, thank God it's Friday and the weekend is finally here. Not just any weekend but EASTER weekend. As a child this was always my favorite holiday, I loved the celebration of Christ and everything that went on at my Church. I always enjoyed the Easter egg hunts and family get togethers that would happen over the whole weekend. It was always an exciting time. I will admit, Easter isn't my number one holiday anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still love it and cherish everything about it. I just don't do as much or have as much going on than I do for other holidays. However, my family still gets together to celebrate the main reasons behind it! And I'm excited to see what will happen this year. To start things off my mother in law from Canada sent me the cutest gift basket this week. It was full of my favorite Canadian candies but the best part was the special cards she put together. Not just any cards, but cards with meaning. They are each labeled with a reason to open it. "Open on a day you need strength" or "An angel message just for you" are some examples of the cards. I can't thank her enough for doing something so special.

Overall this week went well, I spent a lot of time at home so I could relax. I've noticed my energy level is definitely taking a hit and I feel tired just about everyday. Despite those set backs I still couldn't be happier that I haven't been that nauseous or sick during it all. I occasionally feel under the weather when I wake up and sometimes throughout the day but towards the late afternoon and evening I haven't been feeling sick and I'm able to eat dinner like normal. I made one of my favorite dinners this week. It was crispy onion chicken with potatoes baked in parmesan and a spinach salad on the side. I think we have it just about every week since Carter and I both love it!

Other than Easter treats and cooking I've started exploring Pinterest (more than I normally do!). Picking up new ideas and getting into things I wasn't really interested in looking at in the past. One thing that caught my eye this week was make up tutorials. I've never really been a big make up girl and it usually takes me about 5-10 minutes to get everything out and on before I leave each day. Maybe it's the artist in me but watching all the creative looks and things you can do to your complexion have really caught my eye. Here is a picture of all my favorites and what I love to use.

{Make Up Forever full cover foundation. NARS light reflecting setting powder. For bronzer I either use Chanel with spf 15 or NARS med/dark2. Chanel rose bronze powder blush. MAC lingering for brows then top it with Anastasia clear brow gel. Chanel Taupe eyeshadow duo. And lastly my favorite perfume, Chanel number 5.}

That perfume was the same one that I wore for the first time at my wedding. I absolutely love it and it has a special meaning behind it that makes me love it even more. I use good quality make up for a couple reasons. The main reason is to keep my face healthy. In the past I've used less expensive brands that went on fine but they would make my skin break out and it really affected my pours. I recommend using anything that is good quality for your face with foundation and bronzer. Eye make up is where you can lower the cost and get better deals! This is just the beginning to my make up endeavors so stay tuned. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter! xo

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