Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two down, four to go.

Thats right, I've offically finished my first two weeks of treatment! It feels so good to hear that I've accomplished yet another week and only have four more left. With that, I thought I should share what is going on and how my body is reacting with all the questions I've received.

Is radiation affecting anything besides the tumor? No, radiation is targeted to the exact place and the only other part it might affect would be the surrounding area. Basically other than my head the rest of my body is good to go.
What does the radiation feel like? I honestly can't feel anything when the procedure is happening. Although, there is an odd smell each time I have radiation, so I asked my doctor why that was happening. He said it was just hitting an area where my sense of smell is. Not many people experience this and I will admit it is NOT a good smell.
Have you lost any hair? Not that much. 
When do you have radiation/chemo? I have radiation Mon-Fri in the morning. Late enough that I can sleep in but still early enough that I can do other things during the day, if I feel up to it. I take the chemo medication (pill form) every night before I go to sleep.
How is your energy level? That is probably the biggest change (along with more migraines). I've been really tired and simple tasks feel 10x as hard to finish. Luckily, I've taken a break from work and haven't been going out much so I've been able to relax at home anytime I need to. 
What are the side effects? Like I said before, migraines and lack of energy have really taken a toll on me. However, on a positive note, I haven't been that nauseous or sick through it all. There's been times I get queasy here and there but nothing like what I was expecting or heard from other patients. 
How is the chemo given? A lot of people have asked me this. I'm not using the typical IV chemo, it is just a pill capsule with the actual medication inside (I will post a picture of it below). 
How do you know if it is working? Well, I probably won't be able to tell for awhile. The doctors even said it might look bigger on the MRI's before we are able to receive any positive feedback. BUT, I have a good feeling that everything is going to work out. 
How is your body handling everything? Luckily, I have been doing great so far. I go in every Friday for blood work and to meet with my chemo doctor. They keep a close eye on how my body is reacting and make sure things are going well. So far, so good... keep it coming!

My chemo medication {Temodar}
Despite how scary it is to go through all of this there are some positives that I've experienced. Everyone in both of my hospitals {Doctors & Nurses} have been more than nice and very open to me. It not only makes this easier to go through, but it also makes me feel more comfortable and confident. I may have to go to radiation every morning, but at least I'm able to go into a place I feel welcome and I'm surrounded by people that care. I can't thank everyone enough for being so kind and helpful. Here are a couple pictures of the waiting area for radiation at St. Vincent's Hospital in Portland. And yes, we even have a group puzzle!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am glad I found this through the FB group - I read through every single post as soon as you posted it. Prayers for you as you go through everything, sad I didn't meet you while both our husbands were with the Dbacks. Hope you get better soon and we can cross paths! Stay strong, girlfriend!



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