Thursday, April 23, 2015

Updates & questions.

I've gotten the big question on how my hair is doing, so I thought I would share it! Last week I went wig shopping when the hair loss began. Unfortunately, since the radiation is done on my head it has become very sore and sensitive, meaning a wig probably won't happen anytime soon. Luckily, the top and bottom layers of my hair have yet to come out, and theres a good chance they never will. It's only the middle section that has said goodbye and I can cover it up {for the most part!}. If you haven't noticed I'm very open and love to share my experience. Hopefully, I can help others who are going through hard times or in similar situations.  

{The first picture was in the beginning & the second was a couple days ago}

Another question I've gotten is "What is radiation like?" and that's a good question! From the minute I lay down and put my mask on, my eyes are shut. So, from start to finish I hear all the sounds and get the odd smells but have never actually watched it happen. Earlier this week Carter was able to come in and check it out {before the actual treatment started}. No one is aloud in the room when the radiation is happening but he was able to watch them set everything up and even took a couple pictures to share. 

{I was nervous at first but now it's just like a quick stop at Starbucks AKA my morning routine!} 

Don't be afraid to ask me anything, like I said before, I'm very open! On another note, I thought I would turn things around and ask you all some questions I have!
What are some shows I should start watching?
Here are my top ones over the years:
- Friends
- Sex & the City
- The OC
- Desperate Housewives
- Grey's Anatomy 
- Gossip Girl 
- Dexter 
- 90210
As for reality television I'm a sucker for the Kardashians and loved Eric & Jessie: Game On.
If you know of/ can think of any other great shows I might like please leave it in the comment area below! I'm always up for starting a new series. 
I need some updates on Pinterest, any ideas?
I started my account when we got engaged and I've been stuck on it ever since. I get food ideas, fashion updates, home decor and everything else from it. I don't follow many people so if you know of any good ones to check out please let me know! 
Food ideas?
With everything going on I've been trying to eat as healthy and the best I can. However, It's very hard. I usually don't even have an appetite till the evening and just looking at food throughout the day makes me feel nauseous. If you know of anything or have ideas of something healthy with not much flavor/ taste I would like to hear them! Fruit smoothies have been my "go to" but I really want to branch out and try other things. 

Thank you so much for being apart of this journey with me, it means more than you know to have so many people reaching out and sending prayers my way. For how I'm feeling it's definitely working!


  1. You need to start Empire, it just started this year!

  2. Ashley, you should start watching Nashville, Revenge or Scandal!

  3. Ashley! You are so strong! Love that you are sharing your journey and so positive about it all. You are truly inspiring. You should definitely watch Weeds its such an entertaining show!

  4. You are amazing Ashley! Keeping you in my prayers!

  5. Have you tried chia seeds? If you add milk, almond milk or coconut milk and let sit over night to make chia seed pudding it is pretty good and also not overly flavourfull. Then you can add whatever you want, fresh fruit, hemp hearts, flax, cocao, cinnamon, ect.



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