Sunday, May 31, 2015

Big news.

We're back at it again and made the decision to have Carter continue his dreams and passion for baseball. Since I'm feeling better than we were expecting and finished my Radiation, we decided to go for it and have him play. I still have 5 day cycles of Chemo and doctor appointments each month, so I won't be able to go for the whole season. BUT, I am going to be able to visit for 3 weeks in July and 3 weeks in August. Maybe more if we get enough air-miles. ;)
We haven't told many people yet, we weren't exactly sure when he would be going or if it was for sure going to happen. Luckily, with all the love, support, prayers and good thoughts coming our way things have been going great. My health and treatments have been amazing and like I said before, better than what we were expecting. I start my first 5 day cycle this week, so keep sending the love, It's working! xx

Here are some pictures from when I visited last year {in Pittsburgh}:

I will admit, he hasn't even been gone a full day and I miss him already, he's my everything!

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  1. Good luck this season, Carter!



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