Tuesday, October 6, 2015

CHEMO = DONE. #HappyAnniversary

Today is our {me & the best guy EVER, Mr. Carter Bell's!} two year anniversary. How has it already been two years? It feels like just yesterday and we should be leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow! Anyway, today was also going to be the day I started chemo for this month. BUT... we got the best gift in world and found out I won't be continuing my chemo and I'm DONE! After what happened and what I went through last month my doctor thought it was best to stop treatment and end it now. He thinks my body has had enough and it isn't worth going through it again after what happened last month and we shouldn't take the risk for even worse side effects to occur. Since I started back in March and finished the main part along with radiation, I would say I'm good to go and my body is ready for it to be over. I'm a small girl {not even 5'3" and only 106 lb.} so having all the treatment I have done has taken a tole on my body and I have a feeling it got the job done! I always knew October was my favorite month and now I have yet another reason to love it! 
I thought it was only right to post some of my favorite wedding photos since it's our anniversary. Planning the photography at our wedding was something I really put a lot of work into. Not only is this something I love but it is also something I cherish. With the memory I have, I need photographs. Pictures let me remember things I might not have otherwise. They are something I could never have enough of. I could probably talk about my love for pictures and photography all day but I'll move on and get to the part where I actually show you some from the wedding! Hopefully these can give others ideas and feel free to share or pin any of them! I love inspiring and helping others, even for weddings!

I love you so much Mr. Bell <3
Time to celebrate!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Love your Wedding Photos......yet another talent!

  2. Love these photos, so happy for you Ashley! Love you! I knew you would come out of this stronger than ever!



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