Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Big news + exciting things ahead.

I thought today would be a great day to update everyone on my life. I started blogging this time last year as a way to share my medical journey of beating cancer with friends and family. At that time I never thought it would turn into what it is now, but I'm so happy it did! I love doing it and love the responses I've been getting from everyone. So THANK YOU! I truly do appreciate it. 
During this time last year I was going through chemotherapy {everyday} and radiation {Monday-Friday}. I did that for six weeks straight then had a three week break to get my body back together. After the break I started my six month cycle of doing just chemo {5 days a month at a much higher dose}. Unfortunately, after the forth month {this past September} my body decided that was enough and I ended up in the hospital. My doctors decided that was enough and I needed to end my treatment early. Part of me was excited because, well, NO MORE CHEMO. Then the other part was nervous because what if that wasn't enough? Luckily for me it was! I was given great results this past December {through my MRI scans} that made me ready to start the New Year! 

Now, fast forward to today... it's been a few months since my last MRI so it was "that time" once again and I had an MRI two days ago. Deep down I had a good feeling but there's always apart of me that is nervous. I'm happy to say that we have gotten GOOD NEWS once again! There has been no regrowth or change in my scans. And even though I'm supposed to have an MRI every 3-4 months they are letting me wait till September to have my next one.

You might be wondering why, well.... Here it goes. In less than two weeks me, Carter {and Wrigley Bean} will be packing up and heading to Chicago! {Don't worry this is short} But after everything we've had to go through this past year we both needed something exciting and a change of scenery. And luckily for us, Carter was given the opportunity to continue his career in Baseball! This will actually be the first year since he was drafted in 2011 that I will be traveling with him!

So there it is! Exciting {and new} things are coming our way! I hope you all are ready for new posts, fashion, traveling and lifestyle endeavors that are coming your way.
Cheers and thank you all once again!


  1. Best news ever, off you two go and conquer your world !!!!

  2. Best news ever, off you two go and conquer your world !!!!

  3. Everyone I've ever talked to who lives in Chicago really likes it there, so I am happy to hear you get to check it out first hand and will look forward to hearing your thoughts on your journey with the love you two have it should be FUN!

  4. Thank you so much! I'm so excited :)



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