Monday, May 9, 2016

Road Trip: places to go + what to bring.

I was lucky enough to take a "road trip" across the United States with my husband Carter and our little boy aka our puppy Mr. Wrigley Bean Bell. On the first day of traveling we left Portland, OR at about 6am and made it out to Salt Lake City, UT that evening. It was a gorgeous drive and we were lucky to have beautiful weather along the way.

This was such a beautiful city and I'm so happy we were able to stop there. We were lucky enough to visit the big Salt Lake, walk around the city, stop by some of the well known places and even take a drive up into the mountains. It was a pretty small city but well kept with incredibly nice people. I hope to make it back out there in the future.

Our next drive took us out to Denver, CO which is a place both of us have been interested in. Carter is an outdoor boy and I'm a city girl, this is a place that has both. We spent our day hiking around some cool spots and took a drive through the city. If you ever make a trip out there I recommend visiting the Red Rocks Amphitheater {in the pictures above!}. This was a great place to hike and also had an amazing view overlooking Denver. I can't wait to come back another time {& stay longer!} to see what else this city has to offer! From what I saw I really liked it and would want to take a trip back!

Our last stop was in Des Moines, IA where we were lucky enough to have family friends that welcomed us into their home. Not only did we get a personal tour around the town but we were able to spend some quality time with them. I couldn't have asked for a better end to such a great and exciting road trip! After our two nights in Des Moines we took our final car ride to Illinois, which was only about 5 hours, so not bad. For how many miles we drove and hours it took... it was actually relaxing and exciting. I couldn't have been happier with how it went and the places we stopped at!
PS: Wrigley did amazing and is officially a travel pup!

Started: Portland, OR
Where we stayed: Salt Lake City, UT | Denver, CO | Des Moines, IA
Places we drove through: Boise, ID | Cheyenne, WY | Omaha, NE |
Ended: Chicago, IL


Books are always great... this just happened to come out shortly before we left and I absolutely LOVE it! It has some great recipes, ideas about life and much more.

I found when traveling this is my top "go to" makeup. With good hydration and cleanser you can never go wrong. Along with that I would use my foundation, contour kit, mascara for my eyes and then top it off with a lip stick and/or gloss. I would do that for dinner or if we were going out, for the day time spent in the car... I just used my hydra beauty and cleanser to let my face have a breather! I love make up because it can be yet another way of art. Although I'll admit I don't use that much unless I'm actually going out or have big things going on!

Not sure if you saw this on my snapchat a few weeks back, BUT, I've had enough time using it to share with you all... it is great! I never thought it would show such a difference on my face, and it sure did. My face has never felt so fresh and smooth. The only thing I regret is not using it sooner! It is great for traveling too!

This is something I picked up at Target and I'm so happy I did. It is great for traveling AND everyday use. It also comes with this heavy brush and a glove to protect your hands from the heat. I love it because it's a straightener and curler in one. And yes, both can get the job done. {I have naturally REALLY curly hair which makes everything hard & this worked for straightening AND curling}

These are three products that I have been using for a while and they will never get old. All three are available at Walgreens, Target or any other similar spot. The moroccan oil is great for your hair to keep it smooth and in good condition. Aveeno is, by far, my favorite daily moisturizing lotion. Lastly,  Neutrogena has a variety of great face moisturizers that you can never go wrong with! All three are a great deal and well worth it. These are three products I always recommend!

These are just a few of my of favorite things and what I would recommend bringing if you are traveling {and also for day to day use!} I hope everyone has been doing good! I'm finally getting settled and can't wait to start sharing more from our travels and what is coming up this season!
Cheers xo

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