Friday, July 22, 2016

1 year ago.

This time last year was when I decided blogging was more than just my life updates through my medical journey. I found it to be something more, something that I love and enjoy doing. Over the summer I found myself doing it as a hobby which turned into much more. This past year has been hard with chemo and my treatments but doing this and having it on the side has made everything that much better. I found that I not only have a passion for it but I want to continue doing it and dedicating more time and energy into everything I do with it. Thank you, everyone, for all the support! Since this was the month the transition started I decided to do a "post period" full of fashion, lifestyle and the traveling I've been doing. I've been working so hard and only see things going up from here!

I can't put it into words how thankful I am to have my husband, Carter, by my side. He has supported me through everything and even enjoys taking my pictures :) lol
Along with that I have to say thank you to Mark + Vicki // the BEST + most supportive parents.

Lastly, I thought I would share some of the bloggers that inspired me:

Emily Gemma // The Sweetest Thing {she has been my favorite blogger and the one I look up to the most. I was even lucky enough to buy my favorite camera lens from her!}

Katey McFarlan // Chronicles of Frivolity

Cara Loren // CARA LOREN

Jade Scott // Spoonful of Style

I look at it this way, bloggers are inspiring with so many different styles + ideas.
There can never be enough.

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