Sunday, July 24, 2016

Life in the 10th inning.

Baseball life is just how you would imagine... all play no work, simple lifestyle just doing what you love and of course nonstop fun. Hah!...If only...! Baseball life is amazing don't get me wrong but what you see on {MLB} TV is a small little place that {on average} takes years to get to and only a small percent of professional ball players make it there. 
When I met Carter I honestly didn't know anything about baseball and had only been to a few games at Oregon State {the college we went to + met at!}. Baseball {at my High School + College} didn't have cheerleaders at the games {which I did at both schools} so for me it wasn't a sport I new much about. Once I started dating Carter, I ended up attending every home game my senior year at OSU. I found a love for the game, but didn't realize what was going to happen next. When I found out Carter was drafted in the "20 something round" I was honestly confused. I always thought there were 7 or so rounds like it is in football & basketball {yeah I was that girl}. He had told me about the "minors" but I didn't realize that meant about 8 different teams in different states around the USA {and some in Canada!}. Yeah, I'll admit, I was scared. But I loved Carter and wanted to join him in this crazy lifestyle. Luckily for us, I'm a year older than him so when he was drafted his junior year I was able to follow him. This is Carter's 5th year in pro ball and my 1st year traveling with him, full time. With all my health issues and then working full time back home I never was able to travel with him for the entire season. But after this past year with everything we went through we decided it was time, this year I was going to be his sidekick on this wild ride. {check out my "about me" for more details!} 
This year has been exciting and probably the best one yet. Despite getting paid minimum wage, date nights at McDonalds, having him leave on road trips each week, late nights and sharing a car... I can't imagine doing anything else ;). We are both adventurous and love to travel, not to mention have dealt with things that most people never will throughout their entire lives. But all in all I wouldn't trade it for the world and love being by his side in this crazy lifestyle. 

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I've been to 3 different baseball fields in Illinois
1 field in Indiana
1 field in Ohio
1 field in Michigan
1 field in Kentucky
{all in the past 2 months^}

We are currently living in a 2 bedroom apartment with another married couple {husband also plays on Carter's team}

Carter is technically #3 but they don't have an orange jersey in that color so he's been #5 + #17 when wearing that jersey this year {look at the pictures up above!}

He only gets about 3-4 days off each month 
Usually has to be at the field around 2pm and then doesn't get out till around 11:30pm

We drove out here with clothes, a blow up mattress and Carter's golf clubs {yup, golf clubs}

Most importantly we brought our puppy Mr. Wrigley Bean Bell

We were able to get 2 couches + 1 chair at Goodwill for a total of $23 

We spend our mornings together, catching up and watching our shows on Netflix {since we don't have a TV, everything we watch is on our iPad}

I love blogging because it's something I can do where ever we're at or where ever we go

Even Wrigley loves baseball
& yes, he is named after the field here in Chicago

Last but definitely not least this has probably been, by far, the best season for Carter... probably because I'm here ;)! But aside from having Wrigley and I here to support him in his career he has been putting 110% into everything he's doing and so far so good. He's at the top of the league in multiple categories, made the starting line up for the all star game and looks pretty dang good each and every game! I couldn't be prouder of him and his accomplishments. 

For friends + family + people that love baseball
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  1. Love your blog and how you interchange your fashion, medical and your personal life with your husband! inspiring <3

  2. So happy you two are together this season and that Carter is doing so well. Way to go you two! <3 Leah



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