Saturday, April 15, 2017

It's a BOY!

I still can't believe the little one inside of me is a baby boy! I thought for sure it was going to be a girl. I know my body isn't like the average one but almost every "old wives tale" pointed to a girl along with my intuition and our families guesses. Clearly we were all wrong lol. As of right now everything is going great and he is developing right on schedule! Which has made my stress and anxiety go down a couple notches. 

I started doing "chalkboard pictures" the week after we had found out. Since I love art I thought this was a cute way to watch the baby develop and my belly grow from the outside. During the first trimester I was doing it every other week since there wasn't that much of a change. I also wore the same outfit with just a sport bra so you could really see the little bit of change that was happening. Once I moved into the second trimester I started doing the weekly pictures and will continue doing that from here on out! 

I thought I would share the ones I've already done on here since there are so many, but from here on out I will starting posting weekly updates on Instagram and then probably do a round up post on here towards the end! 

As of today I'm 17 weeks and 5 days along. Which is crazy because that means I'm just about half way! We have our next ultrasound around then so keep the good thoughts coming :). ALSO... last but not least I found out some great news. Earlier this week I went in for my MRI and meeting with my radiologist. It looks like nothing has changed since my last one {in the fall} which means I'm still in remission and things are looking good! I was nervous about going considering what happened last time I was pregnant but I'm so happy I did now, it is such relief! Along with that I won't have to have my next one until after I give birth. So things are looking good from here on out!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


  1. You look awesome Ashley. We are so happy and proud of you. Keep up the good thoughts, can't wait to meet the boy! xoxoxo to you and Carter. Love Auntie Leah & Uncle Curt

  2. Thank you so much!! I can't wait until he can meet the whole family :) I hope you guys have a Happy Easter, love you!!! 💙

  3. You are a beautiful pregnant woman!! Congrats on your new baby boy <3



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