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Meet Brodie Beckham Bell.

I still can't believe this little guy, Brodie Beckham Bell, is my SON! How on earth did I get so lucky? These past 7 & 1/2 months have been unlike anything else I've ever gone through with feelings I've never had. And despite everything I went through this is, without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me.
In my post "pregnancy update" I talked about everything that happened and went on during my 3 trimesters. After that I was hoping and praying that I would have an easy and quick delivery... but did that happen? Nope lol
Since I had 2 seizures in the 3rd trimester they decided to set a date for delivery {unless I naturally went into labor sooner OR had another seizure... then I would be induced at that moment}. They set the date for September 19th with a check in time at 6am. Luckily for me I didn't have any other seizures and made it to that day! Along with that I still can't believe I made it to full term when they said I would be lucky to make it to 30+ weeks. That first day went by pretty slow, with contractions here & there but nothing too big. We then decided instead of forcing it and being up all night to just take a break {get some sleep} and just try again that next morning. Early that next day we started things up once again. As the contractions started getting closer together and the pain increased I said IT'S TIME, for the epidural that is. Once I had that my body felt back at ease and the pain started to drift away. I think having my body relax helped dilate quicker because before I knew it I was 10 cm dilated and ready to start pushing. At that time I was a little out of it but still ready to go. As I started pushing the sensation of contractions and pain started coming back {apparently you're supposed to hit a button next to the bed to increase the epidural but me being me forgot about that and never did it!}. After the first hour my body was drained and I started getting nauseous. Before I knew it every time I started pushing I would also be throwing up. Considering I hadn't eaten that much it was more of a water/bile type of vomit {sorry if this is TMI}. Anyway, that continued for a couple more hours and got to the point of me just asking to do a c-section or anything they could to help him out. Little did I know... his head was just about out BUT his hand/arm on one side were straight up and pushing back every time I tried pushing out. What are the odds of that?! Even my doctors and nurses said they have never seen that happen before.
Finally, at 5:10pm on September 20th, 2017 our little baby boy was born. To be completely honest everything is kinda a blur for me. I remember seeing him and being in aw but couldn't even lift my head up I was so drained. I'm not even 100% sure but I think we both feel asleep after that with him just laying on me. I never expected a delivery like that... nor did I think it would take hours and hours. I thought an epidural would take away {at least} some of the pain. But for me I felt everything and giving birth had literally sucked the life out of me. I know my body isn't the same since I went through my cancer treatments but holy cow, how did the reality tv shows and youtube videos make it look so easy. Even my mom said that Alec and I were out within just a few pushes. All in all I think the man upstairs just likes to challenge me and push me to the limit... which is really really high. lol!
Before all this happened I was planning to have our favorite photographer, Olivia Ashton come in and take Brodie's newborn/hospital pictures. Although, after going through a delivery like that I said lets wait a day or two so I can regroup. That next day things were going great, I was feeling somewhat better and Brodie was passing all his tests and seemed to be doing well. But then it happened... despite everything seeming to go great we were told that our little guy had pretty severe jaundice. After hearing this nothing else mattered but getting this little guy healthy. In the happiest moment of my life my heart dropped. But being a new mom I knew what I had to do and make sure I was there for him and support what he needed to be healthy. After hearing more and seeing how bad it was they decided it was best to put him into phototherapy until his Jaundice had cleared up:

As scared and hurt as I was to hear this, if anything had to happen or go wrong this was probably the best thing. I would much rather something like this happen than have his heart issue come back up or something else that would require surgery. #positivethinking! But with this he was placed on his bed wearing only a diaper and the protective goggles. He was under a blue spectrum light while laying on a fiber-optic blanket, and worst of all I wasn't allowed to pick him up.... which absolutely killed me. I was able to touch him, rub his tummy and talk to him but that was about it. Despite having a horrible voice I would "try" and sing to him and just let him know his mama was right there.
After the 24 hours were up he was able to come back out and be held once again. At that time I didn't want to let him go. I spent that next day holding him close as he took his final tests and finished up all the blood work they needed. As time went on we just waited to see when we would get the "okay" you guys are good to go! Despite everything going on we were lucky enough to have family and close friends come and visit!

* This was the little gift I made to give out to each nurse! :) + a Starbucks gift card!

Finally, on September 24th we were given the okay to go home and start our lives with little Brodie! BTW: On our way home we needed to make a quick stop for energy, can you guess where?...
This is my favorite coffee spot and I know quite a few awesome people that work there so it was only right that it would be Brodie's first place to stop in life... literally! lol
This first picture was him in the car for the first time just leaving the hospital. After that I also put in some of my favorites of him during his first week out of the hospital and at home :)

Brodie's Big Events {in the first 6 months}

His first beaver game: I still can't believe I was able to take him out and about, let alone to a Beaver FOOTBALL game before he was a month old... I will say, it was a beautiful day and he got to meet quite a few of our family friends! Not to mention it was alumni weekend. All in all it was a short game for us but such a fun day. I know as he gets older and older he will become a full on Beaver Believer ;)

The loss of someone so special and loved: One thing that makes me happy was the fact that my sittho {aka grandma} was able to be here during my pregnancy and the first 5 months of Brodie's life. Despite loosing her memory {due to Alzheimer's} she remembered him and would ask about him almost everyday. Along with that she was living on the other side of town and unable to drive but still would find a way to come see him each and every week. We lost her on March 8th BUT we will never forget her. I'm so happy she was able to spend time with her great grand son. Here are two of my favorite pictures of them :)

His first Halloween: We did quite a few fun adventures in October. Two of the best ones were going to Halloween Town {where the 1998 Disney movie was filmed} and then Brodie's first time at the pumpkin patch! For Halloween we had a relaxing night at home and handed out candy to the kids!

Life in the Westview cheer world: Yup, Brodie joined in on Westview Cheer when he was just about 3 weeks old! Back in the day, I was lucky to be at a school that had someone like "Coachie" {aka Melissa} coaching. She is an amazing leader/coach, choreographer, planner and just an overall positive person inside and out. She made high school that much better for me and even after leaving I would continue to come back {as most WHS cheer alumni do} to visit her and see the new teams each year. She has made the Westview cheer program incredible. Along with that she also attended my wedding and my baby shower for Brodie! If you can't tell this "coach" is a big part of my life and absolutely amazing ;)

Check out our Cheer website here: Westview Cheer
I thought I would share some pictures of Brodie with our WHS cheer family this past season!

Our Varsity State Champs

Westview JV

Westview Youth "Fire"

Westview Youth "Ice"

Lastly, Brodie's first cheer competition! #GOCATS

His first Thanksgiving: We spent this last Thanksgiving with family and friends. I was so happy that Auntie Martine {my cousin} was there. She is like a sister to me and was even there to support me during delivery! So I thought these would be the perfect pictures to share :) We love you Auntie!

Last but not least, New Year's Eve: This was a very relaxing night where Brodie and I just hanging out at home and watching the ball drop together!... Trying to stay up lol
*We did make it to 12am!

That is all {for now} I do have more to share but thought I would save some even bigger things for another time ;) Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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