Welcome to my blog! I'm Ashley Bell, wife to Carter and mama to Wrigley Bean Bell. I'm so excited to have you apart of my life journey.
I never expected blogging to be something I'd be doing at this time in my life and on top of that, never thought I would be so driven and passionate about doing it. Despite everything that has happened in my life {& battling cancer}, I'm so happy to have found a career that I love. Life has been hard but I truly believe everything happens for a reason and my life was meant to go this way. {read "My Story" to hear more} 
I'm happy to be here, sharing my life story and all the things I love with all of you! I'm always open to questions you have or things you are interested in hearing about. You have no idea how much I appreciate all the love and support from everyone following along!

+ Carter and I are living in Portland, Oregon {as of right now}

+ We have 1 child aka our puppy Wrigley Bell

+ I'm half Lebanese // half a mix of: German, Irish, Belgium, Danish... & more

+ I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon

+ Carter was born and raised in Canada so our children will be US and Canadian citizens

+ Carter & I met in college at Oregon State University 


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